Glowing colours, crystal clear details and a soft, painterly naturalism, characterizes Stella East’s paintings. Her images often have a touch of surrealism and decorative, symbolic elements.
Translated from the Norwegian Wikipedia® 2009

I paint images that are simple, yet dense with information. I paint for my inner child who still remembers being spellbound by beautiful and detailed imagery. I avoid the stereotypes within mainstream illustration for children.

Through research and observations, I seek to understand how things look and work. I combine this knowledge with the visual grammar of storytelling, and my personal visual language – using pigment-dense acrylic paint on fine woven Belgian linen portrait canvas. Each picture then, articulates knowledge, narrative and beauty – with a purpose to be shared, experienced and understood.

The emotional connection that I feel when looking at certain works of art – and when painting my own images, is the feeling that I truly hope people will experience when seeing my paintings.

Stella East

My new studio spot at Blank Space, Oslo.


The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists
(Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK))

The Norwegian Drawing Association: an artist-run centre for drawing-based art
(Tegnerforbundet (TF))

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