Book Covers

A small collection of book covers:

  1.  Maretorn by T. Almhjell. Oslo: Gyldendal. (Thornghost. USA: Penguin).
  2. Dawn Rider by J. Hudson. (trans.) Bergen: Eide.
  3. The Desire the Red – the Thought the Blue by I. Siem. Oslo: Aschehoug.
  4. The Story about Mayta by M. V. Llosa. (trans.) Oslo: Gyldendal..
  5. Talisa’s Song by L. Smith. Regina: Coteau Books.
  6. The Minstrel’s Daughter by L. Smith. Regina: Coteau Books.
  7. The Tao of Physics by F. Capra. (trans.) Trondheim: Regnbueforlaget.
  8. The Devil on the Cross by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (trans.) Oslo: Aschehoug.
  9. The Occult Reich by J. H. Brennan (trans.) Trondheim: Regnbueforlaget.
  10. Larry, Norway.
  11. Playing Beatie Bow by R. Park. Oslo: Bokklubbens Barn.
  12. Angels by D. Johnson (trans.) Oslo: Pax.
  13. Good Work by E. F. Schumacher (trans.) Trondheim: Regnbueforlaget.
  14. The Story about Merkel Hansen and Donna Winter and the big Escape by T. Haugen. Oslo: Gyldendal.
  15. One Year for Sun-Eagle by J. Hudson. (trans.) Bergen: Eide.
  16. Told and Composed. Oslo: Gyldendal.
  17. My Mother Myself by N. Friday .(trans.) Oslo: Gyldendal.
  18. The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells (trans.) Oslo: Tiden.
  19. The Cathers and Reincarnation by A. Guirdham (trans.) Trondheim: Regnbueforlaget.

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